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When Catchup turns Katchup, we tend to get 'Yaaran public prosecutor Katchup' - a story of three faculty friends Hardy Gill (Hardy Sandhu), Arjun Singh (Anil Juneja) and Fateh King (Varun Sharma).Simrat (Anita Hassanandani), Sukhbir Singh Sohi aka SCube's (Jaswinder Bhalla) female offspring falls for muscular Arjun and gets married to him. However, there love is fugacious and is interjected by widowman Sohi because of his capricious behaviour.Gill, a singer gets married to Roman deity (Yuvika Chaudhary), a brilliant wealthy bourgeois settled in Asian country running a chain. Hardy forever|is usually|is often} looked down upon by Roman deity and she's always distrustful Hardy's fidelity. Fateh is continuosly rejected by women - he proposes for wedding, because of his eccentric dressing sense Boss' ugly kinswoman. Things take a flip at the engagement ceremony, once Sohi's babbling lands .Arjun in soup as Sohi insults his Boss (Vijay Tandon) for his blubber and his niece's appearance. to feature insult to injury, Arjun is dismissed by his Boss.

Yaaran public prosecutor Katchup may be a youth centrical romantic comedy directed by Abhey Baiju Chabbra. The moving-picture show is created by Vikram Bansal underneath the Vivicam recreation Pvt. Ltd banner. the popular pop singer Alisha Chinai has sung “Nede Nede”, her 1st Punjabi song for the moving-picture show.Newcomer Anil Juneja, 'Fukrey' fame Varun Sharma and well-liked singer Hardy Sandhu ar solid within the lead roles, whereas Jaswinder Bhalla, B.N. Sharma, Rana Ranbir and Shagun Jaswal are seen in venture in our moving-picture show review.

The moving-picture show revolves round the friendly relationship of 3 guys UN agency worth their friendly relationship quite everything. they require to stay their friendly relationship alive in amidst of everything failures, success and love. The moving-picture show shows their struggle to take care of their friendly relationship in face of obstacles, in face of latest issues. The moving-picture show conjointly tries to point out the importance of friendly relationship in our lives, the impact it's on America.

Yaaran public prosecutor Katchup is a mean moving-picture show that sparkles in some moments, and falls flat in others. the great moments ar principally conjured by the comic talent of temporal order and expressions, once again, ar spot on. However, the lead actors exclusion Varun Sharma fail to impress and convert regarding their acting credentials. The role of feminine actresses is extremely restricted. All in all, Yaaran public prosecutor Katchup a timepass moving-picture show that manages to entertain in patches because of work of skilled and accomplished comedians.

Even Roman deity sends her friend Gabbar (Rana Ranbir) to spy on her married person and report any quality by Gill, UN agency feigns visiting Singapore for a business meeting.Though Arjun and Fateh create an endeavor to flee the eyes of Sohi, all of them find yourself checking within the same building closely-held by Sharma (BN Sharma) whose Manager is Ranjan Sehgal. Lo and lay eyes on, Ruby (Shagun Jaswal), Sharma's female offspring and Fateh fall for every alternative abundant to the chagrin of Sharma.In the in the meantime, Arjun's ex-boss conjointly winds up at massager, Harjinder (Kruti Popat) parlour in Asian country wherever Sohi is already attempting to impress her. Things appear to be going ok until Fateh takes a promise from his friends to somehow organize for his wedding with Ruby with the assistance of Sharma's lookalike, by abducent Sharma and instead creating his lookalike take his place.

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