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Satham Indha Neram may be a uninteresting and unexciting film revolving around 8-year-old quadruplets UN agency wander off in a very zoological garden throughout a college excursion, Guru Ramesh’s Enna Satham Indha Neram has been within the news ever since it earned  an area within the Limca Book of World Records for being the primary film to feature quadruplets.The film was same to be AN journey heroic tale revolving around four eight-year-olds, UN agency wander off at a zoological park throughout a college excursion.Unfortunately, their adventures fail to thrill. The film appears a lot of sort of a tame imitation of some Hollywood flick.A voice-over narration by Suhasini Maniratnam within the gap scene introduces North American nation to any or all the characters within the film. the whole film is concerning the incidents that happen on one explicit day.We meet the four loveable women, Aditi, Aakriti, Akshiti, Aapti and their momma (Maanu).  All four square measure identical and suffer from a hearing and speech impairment.

This is the day of their faculty excursion and that they square measure excited.  Their mom, however, is troubled. these days is that the day she expects her divorce to return through.  Raja (director M Raja) is her compulsive husband.Kathir (Nithin Sathya) is AN overdramatic steward.  His ex-girlfriend plans to induce married at 3 that afternoon, and he's visiting all the pharmacies within the town to gather sleeping pills while not prescription, to kill at simply that precise moment.Debutante Malavika Wales is that the teacher responsible of the excursion.  She too has a very important day ahead. She plans to run off along with her lover, jettisoning her pappa and previous grandparent. The stage is set; the ladies leave for his or her excursion with their teacher.  Kathir is on duty at the zoological garden. Things square measure fine till the safety employees at the zoological garden realise that the gate to a dangerous python has been left unsecured and also the snake has at liberty. within the chaos that breaks out, the ladies lose their approach and square measure separated from their teacher.

The rest of the film is all concerning the hunt that's unionised to rescue them. tho' the story begins on a promising note, there's nothing to carry your attention.  Even at simply AN hour and forty minutes, the film appears very long.  Neither the girls’ ordeal at the zoological garden nor the rescue mission is fascinating.There are not any exciting or suspenseful moments, and you are feeling completely no sympathy for the characters or their difficulty.The film will have a noteworthy message tho' - you ne'er recognize the worth of what you have got until you're about to snap.The director conjointly tries to wake up light-weight the insensibility of the media whereas coverage a sensitive issue.As so much as performances square measure involved, nobody stands out. the ladies square measure cute, however don't create abundant of a bearing. Raja and Maanu seem in only a few scenes. Malavika is average, whereas Nithin Sathya’s actions square measure over exaggerated.

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