Free Unigine heaven benchmark Window Version Download
Free Unigine heaven benchmark Window Version Download

UNIGINE corporation. has discharged a brand new, increased version four.0 of large quality among overclockers and hardware makers for hammer their graphics cards to the boundaries. This powerful tool are often effectively accustomed confirm the steadiness of a GPU underneath very nerve-racking conditions, additionally as check the cooling system's potential underneath most heat output. It provides fully unbiased results and generates true in-game rendering workloads across all platforms, like Windows, UNIX system and raincoat OS X.Heaven Benchmark immerses a user into a witching steampunk world a little village with its cozy, sun-heated sett streets, Associate in Nursing in an elaborate way crafted dirigible on top of the expanse of flossy clouds, and an impressive dragon on the central sq. provides a real sense of journey. Associate in Nursing interactive expertise with fly-by and walk-through modes permits for exploring all corners of this world powered  by the newest UNIGINE Engine that leverages the foremost advanced capabilities of graphics arthropod genus and turns this benchmark into a visible masterpiece.

Unigine's gift with benchmarks has continually been the deft, clever bit they lend to their number-gobbling to the blue skies of 2011's Heaven, they need a protracted history of serving up the stats with an additional serving to of visual image. With their latest benchmark, Valley, the new twist is size and many of it. suppose Skyrim meets biscuit industrial, and you are beginning to get the image. They've squeezed a park into this one.Heaven fans can feel right reception, because the interface remains unchanged in depression. Startup presents a gorgeous choices window that gives language choice and visual effects customization. DirectX nine and eleven arthropod genus ar supported, in conjunction with OpenGL. Screenshots ar saved via hotkey. Most startup choices also are out there within the applying via a row of buttons on the highest of the screen.

The depression benchmark itself consists of eighteen completely different written runs through the atmosphere, from flowerbeds to mountaintops, through rainstorms and patterned sunshine. The depth of focus changes, against the lens of your imagined camera. It's all quite beguiling. At the tip you are bestowed with a raw score and also the FPS numbers (avg/min/max). that is not lots, however it's enough to measure vice potential during a general fashion.As in past Unigine offerings, you'll be able to conjointly prefer of the canned benchmark runs and explore the atmosphere at can, either gravity-bound on foot or as a floating camera. whereas this was a fun sideline in Heaven, Valley's huge size makes nature hikes through its meticulously designed forests a real holodeck-style pleasure.

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