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Pora Pove (2014) Watch Online / Download HD

Story : Espying 2 celebrated faces sitting together with his girlfriend Chaitu World Health Organization is expecting him during a eating house, Vikas World Health Organization truly desires to form a trendy entry stops in his track. It's dangerous ground that he doesn't need to tread upon. however there is not any escape once Chaitu confronts him. Life could not have gotten additional miserable.

Movie Review : Vikas and Chaitu, 2 engineering students, area unit dotty with one another. Not that there are not any hurdles. Vikas (Karan) surmounts the primary hurdle by prayer Chaitu ( Soumya Sukumar). the matter but is Chaitu's brother, a police inspector World Health Organization has reason to suspect that one thing is production between them. Vikas handles the case tactfully.

It is clear from the things that the director desires to inform students, coming back solely from women, or solely boys' schools/colleges regarding the way to face life during a co-ed establishment. His final aim to inform his audience that flings don't seem to be a criminal offense however one ought to settle honestly dotty once it's time, with all smart intentions. however once do you comprehend it is true love? strangely, our protagonist, throughout the course of AN argument with Chaitu, tells her he couldn't have imaginary within the past that he would come upon a woman with curly nappy hair for whom he would fall! that the 2 affairs he had within the past, he dismisses them lady with additional 'unexpected looks' that floor him? The film steers afar from such a matter.


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