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Naveen Chinthapandu (Pradeep) a code skilled, perpetually tries think of each lady in city. that is once he comes across his childhood friend Shalini (Isha Talwar). Naveen tries to impress from the primary instance, equally shalini likes him however ne'er very dares to share with him. however things spin once shalini gets to understand concerning naveen's past. From then she tries to remain off from Naveen. the main downside here is her past reference to Bharath (Satyadev) and Malathi (Madhumitha). World Health Organization ar Bharath and Malathi? What their affiliation to Naveen's Love story? can Shalini settle for Naveen's love? forms the remainder of the plot.

Coming to performances, the highest four leads ar equally smart and Madhumita - Satyadev look excellent in emotional scenes. Pradeep unexpectedly has all the fun move a flirt, with all those adscititious histronics he very provides an honest performance. Satyadev initially appearance resisting then again enters the skin of this role. The viewers very get pleasure from him. Isha Talwar appearance the foremost stunning. She ought to keep on with this look, the costumes during this moving-picture show suit her absolutely. Madhumita is simply too smart in her role. Her expressions and appears within the last half ar spectacular. Posani avatar Murali and Kathi Mahesh's gay characterizations ar frightful. Venu is promising and his comedy temporal order is sweet. Uttej anaglyph is promising.

This is not out of the box thinking or innovation of anykind. In my opinion this can be merely wrong selection of plot and appears like deliberately chosen to form disceptation and obtain the additional attention. and also the most debatable half is that the climax and also the answer given to the sudden downside. it's like Pradeep Madagula wasn't ready to decide the way to finish this unconventional plot and he settled with no matter he may he think about. I merely could not perceive why Isha accepted Naveen's love wasn't absolutely told. and made gay comedy even spoiled the narration. Even second half Associate in Nursing hour is totally fast emended Pradeep were absolutely dealt within the half and will are clip. however the last half includes a feel smart chemistry between Madhumita & Satyadev, this gave an entire new and blind communicate the moving-picture show. There ar only a few scenes to look at out for ad it all appears to be protracted. the foremost lacking half is that the story and script of the moving-picture show that doesn't provide ample scope to any star especially. there's LIFE when a LOVE FAILURE is message behind this romantic comedy.

Apart from the contemporary photography, the opposite major highlight of the film is that the music of Pradeep. The music wants time to big on the audience. 3 songs score over all the others with "Ningilona" being the simplest. The locations ar contemporary, songs ar shot lavishly, however nothing hits the proper note. The redaction of the film may are crispier. He may have simply cut shot Posani gay scenes & Pradeep's unit of time scene. Production values of Unify Creations ar fine.

It's not typically that somebody World Health Organization won a National Award for guiding Associate in Nursing quirky film like 'Advaitham' gets 2 releases in fast succession, each the releases thought ones. Pradeep Maadugula is back with Pine Tree State Pyar Kiya, and like in his previous film 'Billa-Ranga', he appears to commit serious errors in narration, though the occasional flashes of creativeness keep United States engaged, on once more and off once more. In Billa-Ranga, we have a tendency to saw 2 bizarrely-behaving kids of poor IQ levels being drawn into, take a breath, light-touch social policy, solely to flee into puerility and crapulence in fast succession. during this film, a decent plot is spoiled because the narration is reduced to a caricature once a coming-of-age guy realizes his mistake Associate in Nursingd whose atoning action helps an showing emotion turbulent man in his 30s return full circle provides thanks to, take a breath, Posani avatar Murali's empty episode.

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