Bahuparak (2014) Online Watch / Download HD
Bahuparak (2014) Online Watch / Download HD

Bahuparak, the foremost hoped-for pic of Sammarth Venture that has created lots of promotion is written, directed and co-produced by 'Simple Agi Ondu Love Story' fame director Sunil Kumar. The South Dravidian drama pic stars twenty eight film previous actor Meghana Sundar rule taking part in double role whereas Srinagara Kitty are going to be seen in 3 totally different roles that spans 3 generations.The lead actor of straightforward Agi Ondu story, Rakshit Shetty seem in anaglyph role. The dialogues for the South Dravidian medium venture square measure written by one amongst the leading South Dravidian daily journalist, Hari. Mahohar Joshi handled the photography whereas Bharath BJ directed the music for the film. allow us to take a glance at the pic review and story.

Bahuparak is that the story of Meghana in twin role of Sneha and Preethi with Srinagar. Srinagar United Nations agency falls within the love of Meghana gets utterly modified as a result of the thirst of power and fervour of roughness. It takes him off from his making love and he head to the incorrect ways that.According to the pic review, Meghana appearance convincing whereas taking part in the twin role and additionally tried her singing debut with a song, that is sung by herself within the pic. Srinagar along with his twenty fifth pic seamlessly slips into the character and vie important role with 3 totally different shades.The rhythm of the pic is nice and also the plot is tightly unwoven. Sunil did good job in weaving the characters round the plot and writing the script. The music of the pic utterly correct with each passing scene. Overall, the superb performance of solid, distinctive story and howling book created the pic price look.

Bahuparak may be a South Dravidian drama. Bahuparak film options Srinagar Kitty and Meghana rule within the lead roles.Bahuparak   film commenced its shooting in July 2013 and discharged its initial trailer shortly when the shooting began. Mahohar Joshi is that the camera operator and Bharath BJ is that the conductor for the film.

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