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The genre of horror isn't unaccustomed Ram Gopal Varma. however within the recent past, he looks to possess been making an attempt to point out a replacement angle in horror. With solely many days left for the discharge of his 'Patta Pagalu', a horror moving-picture show set in broad daylight backcloth, RGV has stunned everybody with the trailer of 'Ice Cream'. nobody did not even understand that this project has ever started, however the shooting of 'Ice Cream' has completed and is preparing for a unharness on Gregorian calendar month fourteen.Navdeep is that the lead actor during this film and Tejaswi, United Nations agency was seen in supporting roles within the films 'Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu' and 'Manam', compete the feminine lead. RGV has introduced some technologies within the past to the Indian audiences, whether or not it's sound or camera. currently he has experimented the flow cam technology during this moving-picture show and he has shown it within the trailer of the film. The glamour quotient within the film conjointly looks to be high.Tejaswi has most of the lead whereas Navdeep plays the role of her swain.Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana, United Nations agency had recently created the soundtrack films 'Traffic', 'Veerudokkade' and 'Bachchan', is manufacturing this film on Bheemavaram Talkies banner.

Ice Cream supported actual events happened on Gregorian calendar month twenty sixth 2012 in urban center. drugs student Renu (Tejaswi) move to a replacement lodging in urban center. once Vishal (Navdeep) joins her and begins explore the new things within the new place. Accidentally he displaces a idol within the new place, that ends up in a series unnatural sounds and paranormal happenings. before long Renu starts feeling wraiths round her, however Vishal ne'er believes her and tells her its thanks to her disturbance. Seeing the eventualities Vishal stays up for the night. can Vishal believe the crazy things happening within the home? Did ghosts haunt Vishal? Whats thus special regarding the idol? can they survive the paranormal activity concludes the moving-picture show.

The acting department has only 1 name you'll keep in mind when browsing this thus known as horror adventure story which is Tejaswi Madivada. She will the standard stuff of a girl needed to try and do in a very horror film yell - afraid and he or she will it well. For your confirmation there's no nude sequence within the film. Navdeep , as her swain, tries arduous to place up a decent performance. Sarasvathi amma does not offer you the sensation of a loathful character. Chanti and Sandeepti characters weren't thus gestated or written. remainder of the characters ar fine in their routine reasonably roles having nothing nice future for any specific character.

extremely slow paced, frozen dessert ne'er ever starts very. The moving-picture show massively depends upon the Flow Sound & Flow Camera technologies. however in my opinion its time we've to maneuver ahead from solely relying upon the sound style and special effects in a very horror film. beside these essential ingredients the story and book conjointly must be looked upon as a significant contributor during this genre. Sadly latest offerings from the RGV scores the smallest amount during this department and has solely got very cheap and shut up shots showcasing the oomph issue of Tejaswi Madivada. Employed to determine that Tejaswi is afraid to the last nerve by Associate in Nursing unknown and he or she sense one thing eerie doing the rounds. The half has these characters either obtaining overwhelmed up or killed. Tejaswi Madivada isn't in the least it takes to form a movie a money success.Narration of the film is boring. Not solely the frozen dessert song, even background score does not slot in the script. photography is thus thus. Dialogues ar terribly casual. written material of the film is extremely poor. Editor may have simply clip the scenes here. Production Values of the film ar okay.

Once again, it’s time for yet one more Varma film. when his days of glory came to Associate in Nursing finish, Varma started churning out movies simply to envision out a plot or to use a selected technique or technology. He paying least interest to the script and story-telling. Film-making to him has become Associate in Nursing amusing time-pass and with every film he's gauging the audience’s patience. frozen dessert is another such try and all over again, one cannot facilitate surprise however a producer may invest cash into a Varma film and the way the audience still desires to envision out what Varma must supply.

The story revolves around 2 lovers Renu (Tejaswi) and Vishal (Navadeep). once the film opens, Vishal drops Renu home that has some resident ghosts. when she goes upstairs, she hears somebody sound on the door. So, she comes downstairs and peeps through the hole to envision the visitant before gap the door. however she finds nobody and he or she goes back upstairs. She takes a shower, dresses up Associate in Nursingd grub an frozen dessert. Once again, she hears somebody sound downstairs. She goes down, finds nobody and goes back. She all over again takes a shower and all over again there's a knock downstairs. She comes down and opens the door to search out that there's nobody.

Ram Gopal Varma, despite recent failures within the horror genre, has created yet one more within the lead.
The film’s story revolves around a student Renu (Tejaswi). She returns home beside her swain Vishal (Navdeep). when her swain leaves, Renu hears weird noises within the huge house that she lives in.

She even dreams of a ghost haunting her and he or she feels that the ghost is round her. She asks her swain to come back and provides her company. He guarantees to come back, however rubbishes her story putt it all all the way down to imagination, owing to being alone in a very huge house. She conjointly features a few guests, sort of a journeyman and a maid. What happens to Renu next forms the remainder of the story.

At the beginning of the film Ram Gopal Varma says that it's supported a real incident that happened to a lady in Bengaluru. truly there's not a lot of to the story. Most of the time, the lady within the film sleeps and dreams of ghosts, wakes up, goes for a shower, reads books and grub frozen dessert. It’s virtually a take a look at of the audience’s patience because the lady has virtually nothing to try and do within the film. The director feels that he scares the audience, however there aren’t any such scenes. many times, though, the background music will try and scare.

There was an inexpensive promotion stunt before the film’s unharness that there's a nude scene enclosed within the moving-picture show. it absolutely was simply an effort to grab eyeballs and will nothing to assist the film. the whole film has solely 2 characters Tejaswi and Navdeep with a maid and a journeyman coming back in shortly.

The film will have its and points. Tejaswi, as Renu, has compete her half well. Navdeep’s role, tho' shortly, is additionally compete well. Technical aspects of the film ar sensible and also the flow cam scene too. Seshu and well, as aforesaid earlier, it tries to scare. This film could be a huge and for Tejaswi, United Nations agency is creating her debut as a lead actor, and would possibly facilitate her get sensible roles in future.

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