Manam 2014 Watch Online Telugu Movie
Manam 2014 Watch Online Telugu Movie

Manam may be a comedy drama film, that is ideal family somebody. The lead actors' performances square measure the most attraction within the moving-picture show. Vikram Kumar's script and gripping narration, Harshavardan's dialogues, Anoop Rubens' music, note Vinod's tricks, stunning lyrics, a couple of comedy, romantic, action, dance and mawkish scenes and delightful locales square measure alternative highlights of the film. Less screen area to ANR and a couple of illogical scenes between Kamarupan and Samantha square measure its drawbacks.Vikram Kumar has written a fine looking story for amount drama Manam, that spans one hundred years lying between 1920 and 2020 with a reincarnation angle in it and is predicated on the construct of eternal love. He has enclosed all the business components within the book, which is able to impresses all categories of audiences.

The romantic scenes between Kamarupan Chaitanya and Samantha keep you diverted within the half, whereas Nagarjuna and Shriya Saran's superb chemistry engages you within the last half. each moment of the film is gripping and there's not one scene that bores you. Radha Mohan (Naga Chaitanya) and Krishnaveni (Samanta) square measure a family, whose relationship has hit the rough patch. when they die in an exceedingly automotive accident, their son Bittu grows up and becomes an upscale and palmy business man in Nageswara Rao (Nagarjuana), World Health Organization gets the shock of his life, once he meets Nagarjuna (Naga Chaitanya) and Priya (Samanta). Nageswara Rao tries to develop love between the young couple and find them married. One day, he accidentally helps AN previous man Chaitanya (ANR) and additionally meets Anjali (Shriya) within the hospital. this point it's a shock for Chaitanya, World Health Organization sees Nageswara Rao and Anjali along. Why is Chaitanya shocked? however square measure these characters connected to every other? Answers these queries can kind crux of the story.

Vikram Kumar's characterisation is sensible In Manam and everybody has delivered very good performances within the moving-picture show Manam. along with his wonderful construct, the director has brought 3 generations of Akkineni family along in one frame, that a treat to look at on screen. ANR has transient screen presence, however it's spectacular and also the smartest thing within the film. Nagarjuna and Chaitanya share a sizzling chemistry, that is uproarious. The scenes between ANR and Kamarupan Chaitanya within the last half are sensible to look at on screen. The 3 generation actors' drinking scene is uproarious. when put next to Shriya thermoplastic resin, Samanta has most likely the simplest role and he or she has delivered a best performance. Her chemistry with Kamarupanrjuna and Naga Chaitanya is great. She steals the show within the half, whereas Shriya will it within the last half. Shriya has additionally given a fine looking performance and her chemistry with Nag is astounding.

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