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Young lovers defy their families, that ar at odds with each other, and acquire married and migrate to city. With no jobs and no-one to support them, will there be a blithely ever after?

Duraipandi and Arunachalam have a to marry Nandhini, Arunachalam's lady. However, the enmity between the two men worsens. Meanwhile, Nalan and Nandhini, United Nations agency have big having feelings for each various marry. the two families refuse to only settle for them and conjointly the newlyweds relocate to metropolis. can they produce it vast inside the city? will they convey their two families together?

With a debut work, we tend to tend to expect some amount of freshness, be it inside the set up or in presentation. apart from his first film, Venkatesan takes up plots that Tamil audiences ar greatly accustomed. The film is split into two segments, with the interval being the median. inside the 0.5, we tend to tend to ar introduced to the characters in Duraipandi and Arunachalam's house and through and equations between Venkatesan offers us nearly Associate in Nursing hour of gratuitous object inside the kind of listless comedy by Soori and Rinson. there is romance more, but a very rich moire down new-age rural romance.

Thankfully, one issue happens eventually once Duraipandi and Arunachalam have a public fallout and conjointly the director cranks up the strain by getting Nalan and intentions — the film isn't regarding the two older men but regarding Nalanum Nandhiniyum! The half, set in metropolis, turns into a would really like fulfillment fantasy — the story of 1 or 2 United Nations agency struggle for to alittle degree inside the city before hanging it moneyed. The film is content to coast on feel good moments and comedy bordering on incredibleness. Nalan {may be|could conjointly be|is also} a carefree young man and also the fear of running the family falls on Nandhini, United Nations agency takes up the work of a tutor. He whereass away the time whereas she works but once she becomes pregnant, he discovers responsibility a trifle like that! And, what higher place can produce your problems vanish long than the film industry? thus, we tend to tend to urge a sub-plot regarding Nalan trying (and if truth be told, succeeding) to become a director. This to boot provides the director to pay his respects to his guru — Venkat Prabhu.

Nalanum Nandhiniyum isn't a nasty film intrinsically but it's absolutely associate indifferent one. If the first zero.5 suffers from the serial-like treatment, you'll dub the half elements as Vikraman light (Nalan even narrates a story regarding four friends, Vikraman's familiar figure of speech, to a director). At times, the film seems to be somewhat autobiographical and as long as first-time filmmakers usually tend to position incidents from their lives film down, excluding the simple writing (Nandhini, as associate example, isn't bothered that Nalan lives off her), is that there ar hardly any challenges and even once there is sign of a potential struggle (like, once every Nalan and Nandhini ar idle once her pregnancy), it's brushed away with easy resolutions.

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