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Action hero Vishal’s World Health Organization turned producer together with his last film ‘Dheerudu’ has return with yet one more film ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’. Hindu deity Menon is that the feminine lead during this film that is directed by Thiru. This film has free twenty July 2014.

Indra (Vishal) suffers from a rare sleeping disorder known as hypersomnia. as a result of this disorder, he falls asleep for any emotional things like happiness, anger, shock etc.He depends all on his mother (Saranya) and he cannot exit single. No company offer​s him job knowing his disorder.One fine day,​he accidentally meets an expensive woman Meera (Lakshmi Menon).She helps him fulfill his needs that he had from his childhood. throughout th​e course​ of this point,they each develop love ​for eachother. Meera’s father objects for his or her wedding. However, they conceive to persuade their father to agree for his or her wedding.At this instance, Meera gets attacked by few folks that hit her savagely. World Health Organization and Why ​has Meera been attacked? ​How will Indra take revenge together with his uncommon disorder? That forms the remainder of the story.

Vishal in his usual vogue performed well. It’s under no circumstances simple to essay the character he did. The scenes during which he collapses all of a sudden​look terribly natural.Heroine Hindu deity Menon additionally performed to her best. within the scenes wherever goons attack her, she gave ​superb and natural expressions of pain​ and agony.Saranya​,who vie as Vishal’s mother wants a special mention as she d​id justice to her character.First half is extremely amusing. The method Vishal takes ​his revenge ​executed well within the half.​The twist within the half is sweet. although there ar only a few characters, everybody ​has performed ​quite well.

There don't seem to be several minus points during this film. The return that comes within the half is no boring. It breaks down the pace of the pic. although it's vital for the stor​y line, director might have created it crisper. The song that comes within the half ​was additionally not needed​ because it intercalary further minutes to the runtime. The later a part of the half feels very little boring.

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