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Ra Ra Krishnayya starts as a pure comedy and later focuses on romance. Cab driver, Kittu (Sundeep Kishan) is in terribly depression once the owner of the Manikyam inexperienced Cabs, Manikyam (Tanikella Bharini) cheats him and along side that the house in AN intoxicated state to fight with him and acquire his a reimbursement. The engagement ceremony of Manikyam's female offspring, Nandiswari (Regina) is happening at that hour, WHO sees a golden chance during this event to run faraway from AN unwanted wedding. She runs faraway from has kidnaped her. To the planet, Kittu is that the criminal and flightless bird is that the kidnaped however the truth is the other way around. currently starts the audacious journey of this couple that is destined to become a few in due course of your time and through this journey, they organize ample happy and tickling moments for the audience looking at them on the screen.

One of the most drawbacks of the film is that the performance of the film's solid. Sundeep Kishan, WHO has ne'er went wrong together with his performances as AN actor, he's okay during this role. He ought to work on the emotional sequences and his soundtrack.The biggest advantage of the film has been pretty woman Regina prophetess. She is apt for the role of buoyant flightless bird. She sizzled within baboo is sweet. Director ought to have worked to create his laugh less horrific. Kalyani, Bhramaji ar restricted to tiny roles. Ravi baboo is okay, as usual, because the comedic villain stricken by Frustration Disaster Czecholslovakia. Chalapathi Rao, Thagubothu Ramesh ar funny in components. remainder of the solid supported the lead solid utterly.

First things 1st Ra Ra... Krishnayya could be a freemake of film industry fortunate film Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya (2012) major Ritesh and Genelia within the lead roles. Even it's a pinch of Venkatadari categorical (2013). off beam it is not comparable in any respect. the primary 1/2 Ra Ra Krishnayya is incredibly low on recreation and within the last half director conceives few sentimental scenes and supports the film. There was a time once absurd stories and silly jokes may are well formed with some regular mass masala to fool the viewers within the colour of creating person.

The trade is moving on and things ar dynamical, however sadly the Ra Ra Krishnayya manufacturers simply remake a film industry person with unwanted developments that neither entertain you nor have interaction. With nothing abundant happening on the story front, the main target is to stay the viewers hooked with some mad scenes and Regina's Oomph issue. Mahesh baboo.P's director could be a potpourri. all told fairness, Director has created things look stylish with some excellent visuals by Sriram and good music by Achu Rajamani. although there ar some attention-grabbing moments here and there within the whole the trouble by the team is barely part fortunate. aside from them everybody concerned during this film technical facet ar completely middling. Editor Marthand K Venkatesh may have simply restrict the film by fifteen odd minutes within the half. The fight sequence to avoid wasting Regina from Ravi baboo deserves a special mention. Art work is good within the film, the Maryada Ramanna house appearance sensible with new touches. Production Values of SVK Cinema's ar sensible.

Ra Ra Krishnayya is romance drama that has been reticular with some mass person components. The superb chemistry between Sundeep Kishan and Regina prophetess is that the main highlight within the film. Mahesh baboo P's partaking narration, Achu Rajamani's melodious music, Sriram's lovely picturisation, a number of comedy scenes and exotic locales ar alternative attractions of the film. Written and directed by Mahesh baboo P, Ra Ra Krishnayya could be a complete romance, that is a few guy, WHO is commonly mistaken as mischievous. The story all regarding the issues he gets into and also the method he overcomes every of them. Set in Chennai, the film includes a easy and routine story and also the director has created a motivating playscript with some shocking twists and turns. He has sensible grip on Brahmaji so heads to the introduce of the roles of Sudeep, Tanikella Bharini and Regina. the primary 1/2 the film includes a few romance and comedy scenes and a few of melodious songs, that seem as speed breaker for for the story and also the last half is sweet and besides the lead try, Jagapathi baboo and Kalyani keep you person. there's a fight scene to entertain the action too. The climax is additionally sensible.

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