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Sitting within the theater, observance the top credits roll on Transformers: Age of Extinction, i used to be bound of 2 things: one. That i would just witnessed the stupidest picture of the year; and a pair of. it'll create a billion bucks. Did I American statention it's nearly 3 hours long? Let me be clear, i am not one in all those knee-jerk archangel Bay haters. i am not even against the Transformers movies. i believed the primary one was reasonably fun in AN mindless, unleash-your-inner-child, rock-'em-sock-'em method (Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon, less so). however Age of Extinction is lazy labor. it is not simply narratively incoherent. It's one in all the tackiest and crassest blockbusters I've ever seen, wasting no chance to barefacedly plug merchandise like Bud light-weight, Chevy, and Beats by Dr. Dre. It does not even try and conceal its pessimism.

In Hollywood last week, the skies darkened, the streams ran bitter and a inexperienced haze rose from the soil. extraterrestrial beings slunk from the woods, their laughter borne on a fetid wind, and danced dreadfully whereas the moon was gibbous.And close to the hour of time of day, the wise men consulted their books, and asked what the which means of those baleful signs may be. so their eyes fell on the subsequent words, scraped by ancient hands in a very arachnidian script: “Michael Bay has use.”The new Transformers film, that contains robots that be converted into dinosaurs and a weapon that produces individuals explode, freeze and burst into flames all at constant time, begins with one thing that's – and there's no different word for it – clever.

The film kicks off within the time of the dinosaurs, that square measure shown merrily roaming the world till they are zapped into extinction by alien spaceships and evolutionists alike. move many millennia later, and a horny blonde human (hey, it is a archangel Bay picture, what did you expect? A laboratory coat and a librarian's bun?) arrives within the Arctic to look at the remains of a T-Rex fossilised in a very mysterious outer-space part known as ''Transformium.'' this can become vital later, once a scoundrel CIA black-ops serious (played by Kelsey Grammer, huffing and puffing just like the bastard kid of Dick Cheney and Darth Vader) hatches a theme to forge this witching metal into his own personal army of Autobot- and Decepticon-slaying golem warriors. Stanley Tucci plays his partner in crime as a rich person school mogul United Nations agency concisely gooses the picture to life along with his flustered-weasel shtick before (groan) growing a conscience.

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