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Tamanchey Story Urban jhuggivasiyon to cater all initiated public urban development and housingmission name will be placed in the name of Sardar Patel. Minister of housing and urban poverty alleviation, m. Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday "World Habitat Day-held onthe topic of" urban it program it said. Ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation programme hosted by Naidu said that urban housing mission will be launched soon.
Naidu said, it will be sure to give all the houses until 2022. He said the Prime Minister'sfamily home being called upon and it will be created by the year 2022, three millionhouses. They said they would build public-private partnership model. "

He said, "these actions requiring 50 million bucks. The housing of the 22.5 millionbucks, infrastructure development to 16.5 trillion rupees, urban cleansing requiring 62thousand crore rupees. Smart City to make even this amount will be used. "

NGO ' spark ' founder/director Sheila Patel said on the occasion that this solutionwould be for the poor and to execute projects in the making and partners will be built.UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon said in his message on the occasion that it leavesbehind an agenda. Moon was not present in the program. His message was narratedaloud.

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