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3 AM Hindi Movie India's female boxer Sarita Devi during the Festival in its Asian Games Bronze MedalAIBA will face investigation on return. Bourn may also face suspension.
Bourn to dakshi o Korean contender in 60 kg Semifinal Bout against jina Park influence peddling after full display was declared defeated. They were crying on the podium andbronze surprised executives and audiences rejected, which is now close to the organizers. It was shocked after losing Boxer Park. South Korean boxer who won the silver medal. Bourn both boxers were better, but the judge decides in favor of host country Boxer.

Bourn is a journalist and husband of marcom will help raise $ 500 materialise. Sheappealed against this decision, but it was rejected. Bourn medal during the ceremonyat a podium and medal were left off. Cries grew Bourn later told reporters that he will continue his boxing career had to do so at the event to medal, otherwise it alwaysstays in his mind.

Indian boxing team AIBA unhappy
Sarita Devi Asian Games podium during the ceremony of his bronze medal AIBA will face on return. Boxing's world governing body has to return his medal aphsosnakcontracting supervisor.

AIBA said in the statement, "AIBA said the review has begun its disciplinary actionprocess. The decision will be followed by Frenchmen of the Asian Games. "

AIBA said that supervisor and technical representative David b. Francis, Asian OlympicCouncil (OCA) has handed over a report about this.

Francis wrote, "the entire event from before her and her team look like skri scripted window blocked. A boxer is maddening to refuses the Medal, even if did anything incompetition. "

Francis said, the technical delegate for the event review (OCA) had the urge, so that noBoxer or any other game on the way to the athlete and the Olympic movement, tohonor the spirit of jajbe and fairplay. "

AIBA's supervisor, said that the entire Indian boxing AIBA referees and team wereprotesting judge system, which certainly occurred, because they did not have a full understanding of the rules of competition. ' report said that protests by Indians AIBAtechnical rules and opposed the judge's decisions. Although the rules the referee's decision to allow the opposition against the decision of the judge.

Also a member of the Indian team top
Indian Boxer Sarita Devi emotional after taking bronze in Asian Games podiumceremony to deny some members of the national team was not good. Team sources said that a top international boxers to the Manipuri dance Boxer this kind of behaviorshould not as he did. This is a bad example.

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