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Mumbai 125 KM

Mumbai 125 KM Movie story China to build new border posts, 54 in Arunachal Pradesh India plans on Thursday toconcern, stating that India should make the situation complicated and must take stepsto maintain peace because it is disputed territory. Baukhlaya from Viet Nam friendshipChina India ... read more
Defense Ministry spokesman Yang yujin from Arunachal Pradesh border along with 54new border checkpoints of the construction of the Home Ministry was declaringquestions about the plan. He said, ' we have taken cognizance of the report. China-India's eastern border dispute still is. "

He said, "we expect that the steps India situation instead of frontline complex Kibalestability and peace will attempt to help retain." Yang's monthly press conference, the official news agency on shenhua in his report did not mention the Arunachal Pradeshand South Tibet generally that is cited. China Arunachal tells the Southern Tibet.

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