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Bang Bang

Bang Bang  Hindi Movie Senior BJP leader l k Advani in Maharashtra, the Shiv Sena is not happy with theCoalition break-up with. Express your feelings by the BJP's grandfather Bhishma inAhmedabad. Here the clean India campaign to start cleaning programme landed.
Advani said, "If Maharashtra cannot combine breaks, so I'm more than happy.Although many days our party people said the Division of seats is going to be, he is not appropriate. We should get more seats. Although I don't know much about it. "

Gandhinagar Lok Sabha member from Advani said that our allies in the territories andtheir strength is at the local level. Will his Government, the States shall, while the Bharatiya Janata Party in his Government that the responsibility centre could becomeso should his party responsibility pahchanni. Each party may decide. I also own anopinion, but I cannot express it publicly.

He said, ' the last time elections when we say that the people will say that 272 is impossible. But it was the first time in the political history of India was such a situation.The Congress Party was its strength to bring the majority, but for the first time, the Congress party got so big beat Bharatiya Janata Party opinion. "

Introducing clean India campaign in Ahmedabad arrived, Advani said that every homeshould be mandatory toilet. Person cleaning should start from their home. Seniorleader people trash also had.

Range of hil, Pune in the 18-year-old student with incident here also have question mark on the women's safety. With a Monday night premiere college student 32 yearsyoung men have forced naval Joseph car. Has left the young man guilty bouncer. At the moment he is in the grip of the police.
Bundagardan police stations of crime, according to nikam pek filter install SB 'suffering girl and her family were abroad for several years, he was a few months ago ina shift and Pune girl College BA course admission taken. '

According to police, the girl's mother Monday night 11 pm except in a hospital a return-to-business was hilar. From there, his friends in college a second had to be meet. Pune railway station on motorcycles near the point that the girl accused her some stuff has fallen. He paused to check luggage. The girl had strayed somewhat shares the table too and her phone battery also was lost in. The girl accused her phone to call one of the undersigned. After talking to his friends, the girl shares the table with the accused tried to understand. Accused him of showing up the hil range shares offered dishes. Made from the bridge near khadki on station after Bollywood girl thought it is quite deserted their way around a table. The accused said that it is a shortcut. When the girl refused to go so he began to threaten her life to kill. That there he was girl rep.

After the event, at night a girl as reached the nearest petrol pump by sheer accident.The victim told police the girl convicted her had pictures too. DCP Sudhakar patharepointed out that the culprit is in his grip and case investigation is ongoing.

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