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Happy New Year The Shiv Sena in Maharashtra Government BJP to go with pointers. party says Prime Minister Shiv Sena Chief uddhav Thackeray and his MP Narendra Modi on October 26by NDA leaders will be included in the return dinner. in addition, the party also say that the Shiv Sena and BJP in Maharashtra, the purpose of both is to provide a stable government. thitherAccording to the news, an happy new year online watch movie 1080p mp4 720p avi bluray
SENA Cabinet 14 seat um mid
With the BJP Government of Anil Desai in main role on behalf of Sena. they said, "sincethe BJP is taking 2: 1 formula, so our 14 legislators may be included in the Cabinet."However, they also said it is possible the figure they just asked about. final decision onOctober 27, uddhav Thackeray and Amit Shah will be met only after the mainMinisters. On the question of Desai said the BJP to get more seats, so the decision willrest on their own, but will be a conversation between both parties.

Desai said, "the people of Maharashtra BJP and Shiv happy new year online watch movie 1080p HQ 720p avi bluray 
The choice of May 27 CM
Maharashtra CM on October 27 election for may after being elected leader of the legislature party on October 28 will be held swearing-in ceremony. such reports that the legislature party leader will be chosen from Nagpur and he will be the sameBrahmin, but so far no official confirmation has been that he will be the State BJPPresident Nitin gadkari or Central Transport Minister Devendra phadnavis.
Happy New Year Watch Online Movie HD AVI Torrent Download The ruling Socialist Party in Uttar Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Governmenthit on tart said the Prime Minister promised to da, Narendra Modi of Diwali dayincreased the price of gas from the cylinder are given. Such as the poor and middle class people will turn off the stove houses. RBI has expressed fears of price rise
State party spokesman Rajendra Chaudhry said that fuel gas today home-home needs.Its price fall on bad effect of domestic economy fixed. For one, the price of food itemsare already skyrocketing, the other now houses small stove is too cold to the Government. The Government's wrong policies, the impact of an increase in freighttransport prices are having on.

He said, "100 days promised to reduce da thotha now hangs like an albatross aroundthe neck of the public has become."

Spokesman said the BJP Government in the Centre within a week of RS.62,000 croresfrom abroad to bring back and share the wealth of the masses promised. Today, four months after the Central Government give sweating the details of RS.62,000 crores.

Happy New Year Torrent Download He said, "never said that led to some countries treaties could not tell the name ofRS.62,000 crores owners never said that according to their foreign bank accounts arehavali hila. Now the Government says that these accounts will be made public underproper legal process. But when? "

SP spokesman said foreign banks are the Indians account open. Now the UnionFinance Minister Arun Jaitley says that the Government only 136 people will onlypublic account of money laundering.

Chaudhry said, "Finally, the Government rose to RS.62,000 crores-daily u-tern is why?It is not yet clear how many days, months or years will be brought back to RS.62,000 crores homelands. "

SP leader said the Union Government likewise to increase employment opportunitieshave done nothing yet. The only foreign punjinivesh stories are listening. Somethingdoes not seem to be the thrust of the Modi Government is just hype.

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