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TEVAR Hindi Movie China Court Hollywood actor Jackie Chan's son is sentenced to six months. In China,addicts are anti campaign Ambassador Jackie Chan's 32-year-old Jesse Chen at homehas been found guilty of taking drugs. Beijing dongacheng district people's Court is thekabula Jesse himself.

TEVAR According to the CCTV report, shared conviction during his father Jesse go Jackie and family members were not present in court. Interestingly, that last year the consumption of drugs at home on August 14 on the complaint including Taiwanese movie actor Chen Tung Jesse and the others were arrested. During Jesse and Chen Tung, were convicted of marijuana abuse. Both have admitted it. Police raided Jesse's House was more than 100 grams of marijuana recovered. During the hearing on Friday Jesse said that when the police came, So I just reported to be substance to them. I have to confess, because I didn't know what to do drugs (marijuana). Jesse Chen were arrested with Taiwan actor after the 14-day detention was left. But Jesse was taken into criminal detention Chen. Jesse was accused of taking drugs not only above, but was also accused of substance supplied. Chain at $ 322 (2000 yuan) is fine too.

TEVAR 2015 Jackie Chan said, son of embarrass
In the case of prescription drugs the son stickup note after the last days Jackie Chan said that he was embarrassed by Jesse's son are going to find. In its statement, Jesse told Jackie addressing you worked and the wrong things nipto. Unhappy Jackie had said he could not give his son good values and take responsibility. I and my family asks for forgiveness from society. Jackie Chan's son in the case of drugs go to jail so full even more embarrassment, Because Jackie to the year 2009 in Beijing was made Ambassador of anti-drugs. Police in Beijing via Jackie campaigned against drugs. It is believed that the son of to Jackie or any other Member of the family was not present during the court hearing.

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