Khota Sikka Jaat Ke Thaath (2014) Watch Online
Khota Sikka Jaat Ke Thaath (2014)

Khota Sikka Jaat Ke Thaath (2014) Snehal newly elected mayor of Mumbai, Ambedkar refused to remove his official car is a red light. Snehal Ambedkar (42) for the first time councilors from the Shiv Sena.
Snehal Ambedkar has aroused controversy on Wednesday, saying the mayor "is equal to the chief minister and the mayor government should be allowed to use red light in the car. He said, 'If you ask my opinion, I think that the use of red light if the Chief Minister, the Mayor of the same level and even red lights (car) should be allowed to use. Whenever an important person (VIP) comes to town, Mayor are receiving them as a representative of the people. There should also be a criterion of the mayor. "

Reacting to his statement, Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan remarked that everyone must follow the rules. Chavan said Wednesday evening by a TV news channel, "the Constitution ... rules."

According to the latest list of state government mayor are not entitled to put the red light on his official car. Former Mayor Sunil Prabhu had also refused to follow the guidelines.

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